AMATOR - (Spółdzielnia Pracy PRECYZJA we Wrocławiu)

Camera ghost

Known information:

1. It was announced to be the first post-war Polish camera (May 1954),
2. It was supposed to be called AMATOR,
3. Camera was supposed to be produced in Wroclaw - the Work Co-op "PRECYZJA"
4. Camera designers were Leopold Neumann and Jan Podolak –in cooperation with the scientists of Technical University of Wroclaw - Engr. Bodnar and Engr. Kupiec.
5. It was supposed to be the box camera (BOX) film type 120 - frame format 6 x 9 cm and 6 x 4.5 cm,
6. It was supposed to be equipped with PERYSKOP type lens, brightness of 1:11, shutter times of 1/25 sec. + B
7. Supposed to be cheap - 100 zł,
8. In 1954, 8000 pieces were to be produced.
9. It was advertised during the exhibition held in Wroclaw  Wystawia Przemysłu Drobnego i Rzemiosła (May 1954),

What is not known:

1. Whether it was produced.

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