Camera used for registering deformations of railway rails - (Piotr Lebiedziński)

"Camera used for registering deformations of railway rails"

Around 1897, Piotr Lebiedziński at the initiative of Alexander Wasiutyński the engineer of the Warsaw-Vienna railroad, built the special camera for registering deformations of railway rails, caused by passing trains.

Released 1896
Camera Body metal
Length 130 cm
Lens twin-lens developed by Piotr Lebiedziński, produced by Steinheil company
Focus Set on focusing screen
Film Celluloid film placed in a metal cartridge. Moving of plate was done by use of a clockwork mechanism, which had adjustable speed.
Number produced 2
Passing of train activated the camera


Section of the cartridge containing film

No:  LP / 20

General view of the camera.
A - Brass tube which holds lens and an eyepiece – c, N – film cartridge – space for focusing screen, q – level, i - bulb used to start the camera, B - base of the camera - iron beam.

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