SIDA - (Żelazkiewicz i Nipanicz)


camera made by watch factory


Manufacturer Wytwórnia Zegarowa WUZET Żelazkiewicz K. i Nipanicz E. sp. z o.o. in Warsaw
Model SIDA
Viewfinder camera
Film type
Roll film 32 mm (SIDA)
Film format
24 x 24 mm (10 photos)
Years of production 1937 -1939
Lens fix-focus  - single-lens, f = 1:8, focal length 35 mm
Shutter Shutter speed: T - time (1/25 sec.) and M - moment(B)
Diaphragm Pinhole
Viewfinder Mirror
Focus setting fix focus
Tripod socket  
Additional equipment Camera Case
Price (1938 rok) 6,50 - zł


History of SIDA camera began in December 1934, when Fritz Kaftański and Karl Gumpel received a patent for miniature camera, which used 32 mm roll film. Production began in 1936, in the company SIDA GmbH in Berlin founded by the inventors (Sida Gesellschaft für Photographische Apparate mbH, Berlin). Initially, camera body was made of metal (light metal alloys) painted in black or green, later it was replaced with cheaper material - bakelite. 

SIDA was produced by many companies in different European countries - Italy, England, France (after moving the factory from Germany). Different models of the camera (EXTRA, STANDARD, SIDAX) were produced until early post-war years.

In 1937, Wytwórnia Zegarów WUZET Żelazkiewicz K. i Nipanicz E. in Warsaw started a licensed production of SIDA camera in Poland.

No: WZ / SID / 10 / 10

SIDA camera produced by WUZET Żelazkiewicz-Nipanicz  (ebonite body) 

No: WZ / SID / 10 / 20
SIDA camera produced by WUZET Żelazkiewicz-Nipanicz factory, camera with a metal knob used for winding film forward
Camera found in private collection. Photo by Jacek Przybyszewski

 SIDA and original camera case


SIDA Polish produced camera - made of ebonite (left) and SIDA camera made in England - made of metal. Handle for strap attachment is mounted at the bottom of camera.  In front of the cameras can be found SIDA film roll - used exclusively by these cameras.

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