DIOPS - (Piotr Lebiedziński)

Photo 1901 Photo 1901

DIOPS - the first Polish stereoscopic camera.

Camera DIOPS was manufactured in the factory of Piotr Lebiedziński in 1900.
In 1901, the weekly "Wędrowiec" published a detailed description of the camera.


  No: LP / DIO / 10
Description of DIOPS published in weekly “Wędrowiec”, 1901.


Manufacturer Piotr Lebiedziński
Type Stereoscopic
Years of production 1901
Body metal
Lens Double FOS Anastigmat
Shutter Regulated
Viewfinder Frame
fix-focus, depth of field "two and a half steps" to infinity

The press describes Lebiedziński's camera as follows: "stroboscopic camera DIOPS with FOS lenses, it has a small frame size and retains sharpness after six times linear enlargement". (Prawda 1901)

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