FILMA - (Kamera Polska)

 FILMA - cheap, mass-produced, box camera produced by Kamera Polska factory (KA-POL) Paweł Sobkowski in Chodzież


Manufacturer Paweł Sobkowski Zakłady Mechaniczne Kamera-Polska (KA-POL) in Chodzież
box camera
Film 120 roll film
Film size
6 x 9 cm (6 x 4,5 cm)
Years of production
1934 - 1939
Body metal, covered with scrim
Lens KAPOL MENISKUS – single-lens, focal length f=75mm, 1:11
Shutter ca. 1/35 s + B
Diaphragm Aperture opening – variable values of 1:11 & 1:22
Viewfinder Two mirror sights
Focus setting

fixed (fix focus)
Minimum focus distance - 5 m – diaphragm 1:11,
2 m - diaphragm 1:22

Tripod socket
Cable release socket
Additional equipment
 camera case
Price (year 1939)

 typ 1R - 13 zł

 typ 2 R - 14 zł


Two types of camera FILMA were produced – marked 1R and 2R, the main difference was that 2R had a negative insert that allowed taking photos of 6 x 9 cm and 6 x 4.5 cm format. 2R model had additional built in window for observing numbers on the protective film paper. 

1 R picture size: 6 x 9 cm No: KP / FIL / 10
2 R
picture size: 6 x 9 or 6 x 4,5 cm No: KP / FIL / 20



  FILMA model 1R and FILMA model 2R
Camera FILMA model 2R (on the right), in contrast to the model 1R - it has an inscription on the lens: KAPOL MENISKUS F.11

/Photos come from the Museum of History of Photography in Krakow -

Rear view of R1 on the left, and R2 on the right
/Image of 1R camera - Jacek Przybyszewski/
Advertisement included in the monthly Foto-Drogista in 1935
Advertisement included in the weekly Jlustracja Polska in 1936
Information about FILMA and KORONA cameras posted in “Nowości Fotograficzne” in 1935
Korona and Filma were competitors at that time. Camera KORONA - Pawelski Brothers factory in Warsaw (left) - manufactured under license from MERTEN Company in Germany, while camera FILMA was entirely domestic production.
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