KORONA - (Bracia Pawelscy)


Box camera produced by Pawelscy Brothers (Bracia Pawelscy) in Warsaw



Bracia Pawelscy Hardware Factory  in Warsaw

/Fabryka Wyrobów Metalowych Bracia Pawelscy w Warszawie/

Known also as:

"KORONA" Camera Factory Pawelscy Brothers in Warsaw

/"KORONA" Fabryka Aparatów Fotograficznych Bracia Pawelscy w Warszawie/

Earlier trade name:

Factory of Haberdashery Wares & Hairdressing Gear Pawelscy Brothers in Warsaw

/Fabryka Wyrobów Galanteryjno-Metalowych oraz Przyborów Fryzjersko-Toaletowych Bracia Pawelscy w Warszawie/

Box camera
Film coil type 127
4 x 6,5 cm (8 pictures) or 3 x 4 cm (16 pictures)
Years of production 1934 - 1939
Lens fix-focus  - single lens, f = 1:11, focal length 60 mm, produced by  Polish Optical Industries in Warsaw- PZO
Shutter Circular, shutter speed (approx. 1/50) + B
Diaphragm pinhole, three ranges
Viewfinder 2 mirror viewfinders
Focus Fix focus
Tripod socket two 3/8'' sockets
Cable release socket
Additional equipment Camera Case
Price (1934 rok) 18,50 zł


KORONA was produced in the following colors: brown, black, and possibly red.


Case color     Catalog No.
brown BP / KOR / 10 / 10
BP / KOR / 10 / 20


(Information included in McKeown's Camera - 12 edition)

BP / KOR / 10 / 30
No: BP / KOR / 10 / 10 No: BP / KOR / 10 / 20


No: BP / KOR / 10 / 30


The camera was modeled after the camera produced in Germany - Merit Box (possible license?)

Comparison of KORONA and MERIT BOX
Manufacturer Gebrüder Merten in Gummersbach, Germany    Photographic Equipment Factory Pawelscy Brothers
Rok produkcji 1933 1934
Lens Rodenstock Polskie Zakłady Optyczne - PZO
Film Format Only one - 4 x 6,5 cm Two - 4 x 6,5 oraz 3 x 4 cm
Kolory Brown, black Brown, black

Producer assured in his camera manual: "releasing the first Polish Camera KORONA made by Polish worker from parts produced in Poland, we had not only in mind to enrich the domestic industry with a new branch of production, but first and foremost to  release a good camera, which could satisfy even the most demanding photographers (...) Releasing this camera for widespread use we hope that KORONA becomes most popular in Poland due to its advantages".


  Advertisement of KORONA included in Kurjer Powszechny 1934


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