BUJAK - (Jan Bujak)

Jan Bujak's camera. Jan Bujak's camera. The image comes from the Museum of History of Photography in Krakow. http://www.mhf.krakow.pl/

Camera produced by the Factory of Measuring Instruments in Lviv


Another pre-war Polish camera whose origin is unknown.
The camera can be seen in the collections of the Museum of the History of Photography in Krakow
(inventory number - MHF 190/1).
It is a wooden, tailboard camera modeled on "German" traveler design.
Camera size - 50 x 50 cm. It comes probably from the 20s of the last century.

On the lensboard of the camera is a rectangular plate in gold with raised lettering:

J.Bujak / Lwów.

No: BJ / 10


Jan Bujak ran his business in Lviv, since approx. 1910. At the time his goal was to open camera store and camera repair workshop.

In 1923 he started a joint company  working for Surveying Instruments Factory, a joint stock company with offices in Lviv.
Currently, he is best known for his excellent photographic enlargers.

The company produced all sorts of measuring instruments for scientific and industrial purposes, as well, as any precision machines. In the brochure from 1934, the company announced that it has its own mechanical carpenter's shop and paint shop with a device for spraying varnish. They also mentioned of custom-made precision instruments that were available to order.

All things considered it appears that the company might have produced cameras, alas I could not find any documents that would support this statement.

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