SIDA - (Paweł Gąbiński i s-ka sp. z o.o. / SIDA sp. z o.o.)

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Camera SIDA – Polish ‘‘assembled camera?’’

Two companies admit to the fact, that they were once producers of this camera: Paweł Gąbiński and SIDA companies - both from Warsaw

"SIDA cheapest Polish camera" – advertisement  of Paweł Gąbiński company.

Part of the title page of Paweł Gąbiński’s brochure – it contains information, which confirms that there was production of SIDA camera

Was Paweł Gąbiński’s company a camera producer? According to information on the title page of the brochure, yes. However, in spite of information provided by brochure Paweł Gąbiński’s company was probably only a distributor.

Excerpt from the phone book for the city of Warsaw 1939 - Gąbiński Paweł – production not mentioned.


SIDA two identical cameras - first labeled as made in Poland, another produced in Czechoslovakia.
Photo of the cameras come from:

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  "SIDA" Ltd company was operating in the pre-war Warsaw and was known as - Towarzystwo dla Wytwarzania Aparatów Fotograficznych (Company for Manufacturing Photographic Cameras).

Founded in 1936.

 Was it a camera producer? Unfortunately, nothing indicates that. The company dealt with camera and photographic equipment sale, only. But what if, it was only part of their business activity?

The entry in the trade register of the company SIDA (position "N" means "business object" that is the subject of business activity).


There is a mystery that needs to be unraveled:
What was the connection between SIDA Ltd. and Paweł Gąbiński company?
Another  question that needs answer is:
What can explain the uncanny similarities?

Brochure cover Pages of SIDA GmbH Ltd., Berlin / Germany and Gąbiński Ltd. Warsaw / Poland


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