BOLEŚ - (Kamera Polska)

BOLEŚ - camera produced by "Kamera Polska " company in Chodzież


BOLEŚ was the first camera model to be produced by Paul Sobkowski company – “Kamera Polska” in Chodzież.


Manufacturer Paweł Sobkowski Zakłady Mechaniczne Kamera-Polska (KA-POL) in  Chodzież
Box camera
Film Glass plate 4,5 x 6 cm
Years of production 1933 -
Camera Body Cardboard, covered with leather imitation 
Lens single-lens, focal length f=75mm, 1:12,5
Shutter time (B) and "moment"
Diaphragm pinhole type – „movable diaphragm” – with two aperture values of 1:12,5 and 1:25
Viewfinder Mirror
Focus on focusing screen, minimum distance of taking photo with 1:25 shutter was 0,5 m and 1 m when the shutter was set to the value of 1:12,5
Additional equipment metal box used for storing glass plates
Price (in 1933) at the time it was the cheapest camera available, cost of which was 10 zł

 The camera was produced in small numbers. Today those are as hard to find as hen’s teeth, and if found it may be considered to be a true “rara avis” to any collector. It is unknown, whether any model of this camera have survived to this day, last time it was in 1987 when two copies were found. Image of BOLEŚ was included along with its advertisement in a weekly magazine “Jlustracja Polska” in 1933.

 No: KP / BOL / 10


 Brochure included with the weekly “Jlustracja Polska” in 1933.

 Advertisement of BOLEŚ camera published in the monthly “Foto-Amator” in 1933.

 Advertisement of BOLEŚ camera published in the monthly “Fotograf Polski” in 1933.



Advertisement of BOLEŚ camera published in the monthly “Foto-Amator” in 1933.

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