OSTROWID - (Kamera Polska)

All photos  made by: Paulina Szczuka All photos made by: Paulina Szczuka


bellows, folding camera produced by Paweł Sobkowski
Kamera Polska (KA-POL) in Chodzież 

Manufacturer Paweł Sobkowski Zakłady Mechaniczne Kamera-Polska (KA-POL) in Chodzież
bellows, folding (bellows single extension)
Film Roll, type 120
Film format
6 x 6 i 6 x 9 cm
Years of production 1939
Metal, covered with leather veneer
Lens KAPOLAR, focal length f=105mm, 1:6,3 (anastigmat)
Shutter STELO - shutter time: 1/25, 1/50, 1/100, B, T
Diaphragm Iris, range 1:6,3 - 32
Viewfinder Mirror
According to scale shown on lens
Tripod socket two sockets - 3/8"
Socket for shutter release cable


In 1939, it was modern camera, designed for amateur photographers.

Outbreak of World War II denied any chance to start mass production of the camera.

(No: KP / OST / 10)


All photos  made by: Paulina Szczuka - www.kamerapolska.pl




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