Photo 1904 Photo 1904

STEROTRES - Triple-lens stereoscopic camera


 Manufacturer FOS Warszawa - PHOS Varsovie 

Pierwsza w Kraju Fabryka Instrumentów Optycznych FOS
in 1912 change of company name to:
FOS - Towarzystwo Firmowo-Komandytowe - A. Ginsberg i Ska

Type Stereoscopic camera
Glass plates 6 x 13 cm
Years of production Approx. 1904
Lens Two lenses used for foto taking, third used as viewfinder - FOS PLANISTIGMAT
Shutter    Pinhole- adjustable width, shutter drop speed: 1/2 to 1/1000 sec.   
Viewfinder Additional lens with focusing screen

On focusing screen - by simultaneous turning of the front parts of three lenses connected to frame

Sliding camera front  - "up-down"

No: FOS / ST / 10

STEROTRES is the second camera (after DIOPS (1901)) – produced by Piotr Lebiedziński – and at the same time, it is the last Polish stereoscopic camera.

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