KR Toporex - (H.Kolberg i S-ka In Warsaw)

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 "KR" - Hand Camera (Kamera Ręczna)

In 1932, polish company from Warsaw - H.Kolberg i S-ka - in cooperation with the French Societe des Etablissements Krauss from Paris produced aerial photography camera marked KR Toporex. KR symbol came from an acronym of: kamera ręczna (a handheld camera), which meant that camera was not attached to the aircraft skin – to take pictures one had to hold it in hands. It was a camera with a manually winded film (winded by turning a lever at the base of camera body).

Devices of this type were installed onboard PZL 23 "Karaś" and RWD 14 „Czapla” aircrafts.

  No: Kol / KR / 10


Fabryka Aparatów Optycznych i Precyzyjnych H.Kolberg i S-ka In Warsaw (in cooperation with Societe des Establissements Krauss Paris, France)

KR Toporex
Handheld camera for aerial photography
Film "film inside a cassette", enabling taking 50 photos
Film format
10 x 12 cm
Years of production 1932 - 1933
f=2,7 focal length 165 mm
Shutter central
Number produced 111
Price 6.900 zł

Photos and details of KR camera were taken from an article by Marcin Skrzypacz found on: and publication: Serja zdjęć uzyskanych objektywem projektowanym i wykonanym przez fabrykę H.Kolberg i S-ka w Warszawie.

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