SIDAX - (Paweł Gąbiński i s-ka sp. z o.o.)

SIDAX – The Mystery Camera.

The camera looks similar to the French PHOTAX. In spite of having a completely different design, SIDAX cameras were produced by SIDA company. 

Camera SIDAX – pre-war, Czechoslovakian production.
Film format:  4 x 4 cm
SIDAX camera - post-war production, SIDA GmbH / Germany.
Film format: 25 x 25 mm

It is unknown, if  Paweł Gąbiński’s factory was ever a camera producer? According to the information found on the title page of the brochure, yes.

Despite the information on the title page of the brochure, Paweł Gąbiński factory was probably only a distributor.

We are looking for any information on SIDAX camera.

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