Daguerreotype camera - (Jan Gloisner)

Camera used for creation of daguerreotypes

We can find an article in daily newspaper Gazeta Lwowska from 1841, that "Dr. Med., and professor of natural history and physics of the local university (Lviv) Mr. Gloisner" as first in Lviv, used a self-made camera for performing daguerreotypes - of "architectural images".

Jan Gloisner was certainly one of the first Polish daguerreotypists; he was also one of the first (along with Andrzej Radwański) who used his own hand-built camera.

Press information - 1921 

"... According to inaccurate descriptions found in public writings..." - in 1840 a Polish translation of the Daguerre manual was published, titled “Daguerreotyp i dijorama, czyli dokładny i autentyczny opis postępowania i aparatu mojego, do utrwalenia obrazów ciemnicy optycznej (camera obscura)”...

Book can be found in the collections of the National Library               www.polona.pl

Manual, in addition to the instructions on how to make daguerreotype, it also contained a precise description of the camera.

The image above shows a draft taken from Daguerre manual. Camera built by Gloisner was certainly similar to one presented on the draft.

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