BRODKOWSKI - (Edmund Brodkowski)

Cameras manufactured by Edmund Brodkowski, Lviv



Press advertisement of January 1901 promoting Brodkowski's "Camera of own design and make".

Edmund Brodkowski modeled his own tailboard camera on French STANLEY design.
This camera was advertised as (1898): "the latest design, with every possible angle adjustment, body made out of American walnut, polished, built to last and it is the most beautiful of all existing portable cameras".


Manufacturer Edmund Brodkowski - Lwów (Lviv)
Model ?
Tailboard camera
Glass plate: 13x18  and 18 x 24 cm
Years of production 1898
Wood, American walnut
Double bellows extension
Focus On focusing screen

Rear standard of the camera, that can swivel, used for making photos "horizontaly" and "verticaly".

 The camera was produced in two sizes
 13 x 18 cm No:  BE / 10
18 x 24 cm No:  BE / 20





Camera of Edmund Brodkowski's design won him a silver medal during Universal Exhibition of Photography hosted in Wieliczka, in 1903.


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